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some personality thing [21 Apr 2008|12:01pm]
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Stability |||||||||| 38%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 42%
Accommodation |||||||||||| 46%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Mystical |||||||||| 36%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism |||||||||||| 43%
Materialism |||||||||||||||| 70%
Narcissism |||||||||||||||| 70%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Humanitarian |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Conflict seeking |||||| 30%
Need to dominate |||||| 23%
Romantic || 10%
Avoidant |||||| 30%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||||| 50%
Change averse |||||| 23%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Individuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Sexuality |||||||||||| 43%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||| 56%
Family drive |||||||||| 36%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||| %
Histrionic |||||||||||| 50%
Paranoia |||||| 30%
Vanity |||||||||||||||| 63%
Honor |||||||||||| 50%
Thriftiness |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality test by similarminds.com
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Six weeks [03 Mar 2008|10:14am]
It's been 6 weeks since I last wrote in here, and at that point I was writing something about 2008 being the year of the genome. It does in fact seem to be a worthy case to be presented, as much is going to be done in the field of genetics this year. In fact, they've discovered how to turn skin cells into stem cells, deactivate the AIDS gene, and a few other things in just the last 3 months.

That's so much more than I have accomplished in the same amount of time.

 In fact, I've been unemployed for most of it, and have spent at least half of it in Ohio. The writer's strike has been somewhat hellish on us all, but I got hit multiple times- my car was 400 to fix, I had to pay 250 for my ticket to get my teeth fixed, then I had to pay another 100 when I had to postpone the flight to get my wrist fixed.. which is costing me money right now too.

I'm going to work for SAS productions part time, though I'll get more work as things go along. I'm still doing stuff with Central Casting, too, but every little bit forward is going to help.
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Delayed prediction [17 Jan 2008|09:51pm]
I want to note that I was going to post here on January 3 that I predicted 2008 would be the year of the genome...

but I got high and forgot.
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Videos of Awesomeness [21 Dec 2007|03:15pm]
Y'all should head to my myspace page. I have videos of my senior project performance as well as a more recent jam session with my latin band.
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[17 Dec 2007|05:43pm]
My family is going to kill me I think, if I keep talking about california.
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Back in Ohio [17 Dec 2007|05:35pm]

Seriously, you people who "love the seasons" are just trying to make yourselves feel less miserable about your decision to live in the ice cream section. I mean, I understand not always wanting to be baking hot, but come on, 21 degrees? I want to speak to the manager here.
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I GOT SAG [13 Dec 2007|10:54pm]
well, almost. I still need to pony up 2400 bucks for the initiation fee, but I can get into the screen actor's guild and start making real money now... At the same time, I'm going to get into the musician's union so I can make 500 dollars a day as a musician on film...

For those of you out there who don't know:

When you start acting on camera, unless you have an agent, the best way to get your feet wet is through extras acting, which gets you on set at least. It's fun as long as you don't do it for too long. All the work at first is non-union. To get into the union, you must work on three union shows under a union voucher, which is next to impossible to get... So, three vouchers and 2400 bucks, and you're in. Easy enough, or not...
After the writer's strike happened, I had given up on Central Casting for a while. They called me the other day and asked me to be a photo double, though, and I accepted. It's turning into a 5 day shoot, with the 5th day unavailable as I'm flying out.  Oh well, next year I'll figure out some crazy stuff that will hopefully launch me stratospherically....or at least stratocasterally.
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[07 Dec 2007|05:22pm]
I've worked on American Gladiators three times now, with a fourth coming up. I never would have expected hulk hogan to bring my bread and butter.
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[19 Nov 2007|10:50pm]
I've not been online enough to update this for you people, so you've been missing out on a lot of interesting stuff. First, my mission to get into the movie business somehow -worked-, I've been working on at least one film a week.  I've now done production assistance for 8 shows, commercials, and music videos, and I've acted in no less than 20. I'd still be doing that, except the writers decided to strike, leaving me effectively workless. I'm going to check out temps, I swear. I won't be a bum. I won't be a bum. I won't be a bum... Dammit, chanting things -STILL- doesn't work. I should go remind the religious peoples of the world that this fact remains.

Other than the movie thing, my biggest news is that I got my own place and am thusly no longer living with Wes. It's like I jumped out of the frying pan and into the awesome. I'll post pictures of the place once I can find angles awesome enough to capture even half of it on camera. It ended up being practically across the street with an awesome guy that doesn't mind me doing...whatever I do. The room has two sections separated by a curtain of awesome, and of course to get up here you have to go up an awesome spiral staircase.

Yea. It's awesome.
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Out of the fire and into the spotlight [29 Sep 2007|03:46pm]
So it's been about a month since I was fired, and I'm so fucking glad it happened. I decided finally to sign up with Central Casting to become an extra actor. It's not glamorous but it gets me one step further. I want to get into the universe of film and see it from inside. Being a traveling Assistant to Director seems to appeal to my slightly more masochistic side as well.

I'll send pictures later!
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Well, Fuck. [27 Jul 2007|09:30am]
So, I've probably mentioned this before, but whenever something is happening in my life that's big, I usually don't have time to write about it. I'm going to skip the retarded religious bickering within my band and get right to the good stuff - I lost my job last Friday, and was basically fired for no reason. They came up to my desk, asked me to come to the office, and then explained that it was reported that I was too hard to train.

Problem is, only one person ever tried to train me, it was only brief and intermittent, and for a program that even she still had problems with. I wondered if the other person, Steve, who was my acting supervisor, had said something. He had tried to find time to train me, and had me working on a few projects, but really didn't get much of an opportunity to sit down with me and show me anything. When I called him, he claimed to have not known anything about the firing. The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. They brought me out here, they dragged me 3000 miles to work at their place, and they fired me after 2 weeks for an as of yet undisclosed reason. The training excuse has already been debunked.

I'm more upset at the fact that I didn't get to quit willingly than the fact that I lost the job itself. The drive down there was arduous at best, and excruciating at worst. I don't miss getting up at 6 just to be at work by 8, or leaving by 3:30 to be back again by 6.
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[20 Jul 2007|09:13am]
Wow, so I haven't posted here much since I got to california, it looks. Sorry about that y'all. I've been too busy living it up and having an amazing time just being alive in a place I enjoy. In other news, I took that test "What city is best for you?" and LA was first. Incidentally, Baltimore was up there, but Boston was at the very bottom.

Have housing with my bandmate, have a band of course, will post recordings. Have a nice cushy job in a nice air conditioned office with a nice chair playing with nice microphones. Have more of the freshest, dankest green than I'd ever be able to smoke. Have lost the ability to form sentences properly because of this. Band will be awesome if bandmate decides authoritarianism isn't the best way to run a band.

The place I'm living doesn't have the internet, but that's okay because my work computer does... Hence why I'm online right now. Speaking of that place, I probably should do something soon regarding my living conditions. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to find my own place.

By the way, anyone have a spare Jetta clutch I can borrow?
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[04 Jul 2007|03:15pm]
Success seems to be finally within my grasp again. It seems like a year since I came on here and posted that I wanted to come back to California. I remember so many snowy Boston days wishing I was in L.A., making music, living it up, and of course inhaling the vapors from only the finest selection of home-grown indicas and sativas, the latter being my personal favorite.

That was my wish in early January when sitting in my chilly Boston room. It's now July, and I've been here for two weeks. How I accomplished this I'm still not sure, but I sure as hell hauled ass to get here. I went pretty fast during my first night, making it all the way to Oklahoma in about 13 hours. I stayed in an overpriced motel, then jumped on the road that morning and headed west on 40 again. That night, I found a deserted area in the middle of Nowhere, AZ and camped under the stars. I've never seen such clear skies as I did out there.

I woke up at 5 in the morning and decided to get an early start. By 6 I was in Flagstaff, and stopped for supplies and breakfast, and also to replace the gas cap I had somehow lost earlier in the trip.

I arrived in California before noon, and made it to San Bernadino by 2. Basically I hauled every kind of ass to get there asap. I arrived at the Malhotra's house in time to have a gourmet lunch and a 4:20 break, then met up with Wes sometime later in the day. Life's been pretty sweet, other than some discussions with the roommate. This is going to be interesting.

Wes and the bassist are both uber-christian, so I'm wondering how I'm going to take that. More later.

Note: back-posted due to "I forgot."
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[23 Jun 2007|11:39am]
I'm in Oklahoma. The wind does indeed sweep down the plains. I know why they call them plains, too...

It's because they're flat, like the wing of a plain.
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[17 Jun 2007|05:47am]
Oh, and yea. My college got shut down last week. WTF Antioch.
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Shit happens, and causes shit to happen, therefore Shit happening is. [17 Jun 2007|02:54am]
Also, the striking revelation that "meow" is just "woof" but in cat language. I'm sitting here in what used to be my sister's room (I have since claimed it in the name of Spain, just like Indians, the New World, and Caribbean Gold).

...(No, not that kind of caribbean gold, thiskind. And I don't know who that dude is, either)...

It's been three weeks since I got back, and I haven't gotten nearly enough accomplished. I'm halfway packed for California, I really don't need to bring anything but my clothes and some instruments. Everything else is ready for me out there. I have a computer now; it's a Toshiba I built with the remains of Dan's computer, which was also the victim of a spill accident but was luckily fried in completely different ways than my Dell, which made up the other half of the unit...specifically, the processor, ram, hard drive, and network card, plus some scrubbing inside and out.

I also have had the good enough fortune to continue with a car I bought in Massachusetts. It's a 1994 VW Jetta and it's a pretty cool car. I have found it fairly simple to service, in comparison to my van which was an enormous hassle and completely impossible to understand the internal workings of. The electrical system, currently down due to a "wtf is the alarm going off for?!" problem, has normally been pretty easy to understand. I, apparently, am the only one in the world who thinks that about a Volkswagen. So far, I've installed USB ports on the dash (really!), repaired the sunroof, erected (heh) an antenna for my CB Radio, fixed my stereo and modded it for RCA (which will in turn be put to use connecting to 1/8"), and of course fixed the left side speakers, which included the re-soldering of an insane amount of small wires in a confined space. Right now I'm trying to fix the cruise control. I got onto this when I realized it would be relatively easy to remove the module. I don't know how to fix it, though, so I might have to just get another module. That would cost me about 60 bucks, but that's not bad, and I'd probably save that in gas going out to California. What I really need, though, is a radar detector.
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[21 May 2007|02:35am]
not quite sure how to start this entry, as if people really read this thing anyway... so I will work as stream-of-consciousness.

to start: Melissa and I parted ways today. Since my decision to leave Boston's depressing atmosphere for greener pastures, I have wondered if I indeed made a good choice. There will likely always be a little part of me that nags at my subconscious to remind me torturously what I have had to sacrifice to break free.

I know I haven't written much about her lately, but I haven't felt as much need to- Melissa seems such a part of me that I almost took her for granted... I don't think I will ever again meet a person who accepts every bit of me with the love and understanding only a very close friend like her can provide.

oy, this treo makes my thumbs tired... did I mention my laptop was stolen? I may have... If I didn't, well, it was. someone busted into my car.

my parents, feeling bad about it, bought me another. The problem was that their gesture was more idealistic than practical, and it soon blew up...both literally and metaphorically. They picked out a Dell 1150, a woefully underpowered and oversized behemoth with a pentium 4 and a jet engine for a fan... not that it helped. The thing had heat problems like mad, and frequently malfunctioned. I only had it two weeks before spilling a minute amount of coffee on it, about the amount in an average bottle of nail polish. It shorted out so quickly that I was unable to even turn it over or pull the battery before it switched off.

this computer will never run again, of course. It fried the motherboard completely, pretty much devaluing the laptop to an almost worthless hunk of plastic and metal in a shorter time than one can dial 1-800-SUE-DELL. My parents, having haphazardly spent 400 bucks on a lemon, don't have much to say....
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[11 May 2007|02:46am]
I probably shouldn't complain so much, I'm leaving in a little over a week. back to California, I head.
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FUCK YOU BOSTON [10 May 2007|12:33pm]

1- Your people. They suck, most of them are assholes, all of them have a stick up their ass.
2- Your laws. Not content with just inconveniencing people by telling them strictly what can be sold where, you insist on also telling them the narrow windows of time that they are allowed to buy.
3- Your roads. -FUCKING SERIOUSLY, did ANYONE think about these layouts before they put them down? Not a single road in Boston runs straight for more than 200 feet.
4- Your insatiable hunger for cash. -You charged me 25% in taxes, which is usually the bracket that people much richer than me would be paying. Not content, you use random street sweepings, patrols, and needless tolls (with detours that lead you through them multiple times, what the fuck!?) to extract more money from your citizens. I have yet to see where ANY of this money is going.
5- You're a cold, heartless, shitty town with nothing to do and very little to see. You take so much effort and provide me so little in return.

Fuck you, Boston.
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[10 Apr 2007|12:52pm]
I've moved again, this time to Dorchester. I have Ross's house for a month. Watertown was cool, and it had a cool cat, but damn, this place in Dorchester is pretty fucking fancy. It's an apartment, not just a room.

I'm still unsure of what I'm doing now, other than spending my time with a girl I love and a job I don't love in a place I don't get along with. While I've gotten used to the place, I think I prefer California, or even Ohio.

Not sure what has to be done.
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